Hi. I am building

12 travel startups
in 12 months.


This year, Passport Creative is changing its focus from travel marketing to product development. To mark this new focus, we are embarking on a yearly challenge: to launch 12 travel startups in just 12 months.

Each month, a new tool will be developed with one aim – to support travel entrepreneurs and enhance the travel experience for everyone


Previous work in tourism

Since 2021, we’ve been supporting travel entrepreneurs and tourism development. Though our focus is shifting, the foundation is still there.

Digital Marketing

Our efforts with email marketing, paid ads, SEO, content creation, and more have helped safari operators, destination blogs, and active tourism operators reach #1 on Google, get more warm leads, and enjoy more bookings.

Web Design

We've launched and maintained travel-focused websites for businesses and organizations in the US, Germany, East Africa, and more.

Tourism development

From coffee tourism research in Uganda and national tourism policy development in Sri Lanka to digital marketing workshops in Eswatini, I've been involved in supporting destinations to better structure their tourism efforts.


From logo creation and brand stories to reputation management, we've help travel brands communicate with their just-right audience for responsible, sustainable growth.


Why this challenge

12 travel startups in 12 months is rooted in a passion for travel and a commitment to make a significant impact on how we explore the world.

Founder-Market Fit

Moving to France has opened a gateway to the heart of the travel and tourism industry, a sector that thrives on innovation and cultural exchange. This challenge is my way of contributing to an industry that is vital not just to France but to the global community, ensuring my work aligns with the requirements of my visa and my aspirations.

Better Travel

From improving access to hidden gems that aren't on the average tourist's radar to promoting responsible tourism practices that protect the environment and support local communities, each startup will aim to make a tangible difference.

Supporting Travel Entrepreneurs

The heart of this challenge is to democratize travel, making it more accessible and equitable. By leveraging technology, we can lower barriers to entry, making it easier for people from all walks of life to explore new destinations, understand different cultures, and create meaningful experiences.

Slow Travel

We're committed to creating solutions that encourage travelers to slow down, spend more time, and engage more deeply. It's about ensuring that travel is sustainable and beneficial for both travelers and the places they visit.


The criteria for a "startup"

For a project to qualify as a startup, it must meet the following milestones:

Minimum Viable Functionality

Essential features that address specific travel-related challenges will be developed, ensuring each startup can make an immediate impact.

Be A Product

Each startup needs a way for users to pay in order to assess market fit and become a sustainable business.

Official Launch

The journey of each startup will culminate in an official launch, featuring a debut on Product Hunt, outreach to 50 potential users, and a comprehensive YouTube video walkthrough.

Business Plan

Even at one-page, there must be a plan in place to think about a way forward.

Sometimes Asked Questions

Speed is of the essence in today’s fast-paced world. This challenge accelerates learning and product development, allowing us to test, iterate, and innovate more rapidly.

Success will lead us to further development, potential investment opportunities, or integration into larger travel platforms. 

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