The Campaign: “A British Original”

Explore the reasons people travel, celebrating connections, experiences, and the nation’s essence. Over 500 print, digital, and outdoor executions, plus 32 short films, spotlighting diverse travel motivations.

Campaign by Uncommon Creative Studio.

The Challenge: Rethinking Travel Messaging

British Airways sought to shift from a plane-focused brand to a people-centric one. They aimed to redefine travel purposes beyond traditional business and leisure classifications.

The Travel Marketing Takeaway: Emotional Storytelling & Adaptability

Emotionally resonate by highlighting relatable, unconventional travel motives. Create a narrative that adapts to different locations, times, and news events. Engage customers beyond typical categories.

MIY – Market It Yourself: Authentic Customer Stories

Remember, campaigns like “A British Original” showcase the power of creative storytelling and adapting messages to connect with diverse audiences. Implementing customer-driven content can create an authentic bond with travelers, helping you stand out in a crowded market.

Gather and share customer stories that showcase unique travel intentions. Leverage social media to encourage followers to share their reasons for traveling, creating an engaging and low-cost campaign.

To take inspiration from this campaign, think of something relatively administrative related to the travel process to your country. In British Airways’ case, they are playing with the idea of the binary why do we travel (for business? for leisure?).

What about releasing a tour itinerary designed to use up every single day of a traveler’s itinerary?

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