The Campaign: Who and What

Renowned artist Claude Monet’s affinity for water lilies and bridges inspired a guerilla marketing campaign by Sweet agency to celebrate the “Imagine Monet” exhibition at Artipelag museum. Five Impressionist-style works were placed on easels along popular promenades, inviting passers-by to experience Stockholm’s iconic bridges through Monet’s eyes.

The Challenge

The challenge lies in reimagining a classic artist’s work to engage a modern audience and drive ticket sales for an art exhibition. The campaign seeks to attract attention and elicit emotional responses from both art enthusiasts and the general public, all while linking Monet’s timeless art to contemporary experiences.

The Travel Marketing Takeaway

  1. Emotional Connection: By tapping into Monet’s favored motifs, the campaign creates an emotional link between the artist’s passion and the city’s landmarks, appealing to travelers’ emotions.
  2. Nostalgia and Innovation: Marrying classic Impressionist art with modern QR codes showcases the campaign’s blend of nostalgia and innovation, a potent strategy for capturing diverse audience attention.
  3. Interactive Experience: The use of outdoor installations offers an interactive experience, fostering a deeper connection with the exhibition, a strategy applicable to various travel experiences.

MIY – Market It Yourself

For tour operators or new hotels: Embrace a famous local artist or cultural figure, and create interactive displays or installations in prominent areas. Incorporate a QR code linking to your offerings or website, fostering engagement while subtly promoting your services. This immersive experience aligns with travel trends, inviting tourists to explore art and culture alongside their destination.

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