The Campaign: Highlighting Unique Travelers

HotelTonight’s captivating campaign showcases the app’s distinctiveness by focusing on confident and savvy travelers. Two stylish films, “Best In Show” and “Tanning Goggles,” capture travelers unafraid of last-minute bookings, emphasizing an aspirational attitude. The campaign, directed by Iain MacKenzie of Madre and created by Our Man In Havana, targets unique travelers who demand exceptional experiences.

The Challenge: Reinventing OTA Perception

HotelTonight aims to transform the perception of online travel agencies (OTAs). By portraying their app users as self-assured, sophisticated travelers, they challenge the common notion of last-minute planning as chaotic. The challenge is to attract a discerning audience seeking quality and spontaneity, not just convenience.

The Travel Marketing Takeaway

Emotional Aspirations

HotelTonight’s campaign taps into emotional appeals of confidence, uniqueness, and aspiration. It targets travelers who seek sophisticated experiences and are unafraid of spontaneity. By aligning their brand with these emotional aspects, other travel businesses can create campaigns that resonate deeply with their audience’s desires and self-perception.

MIY – Market It Yourself: Niche Lifestyle Influencers

Tour operators and new hotels can collaborate with niche lifestyle influencers who embody confidence, uniqueness, and spontaneity. Showcase them using your offerings in impromptu getaways, highlighting the aspiration of living in the moment. Leverage social media to share real-time experiences that mirror the “Plan Less and Live More” attitude.

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