Thessaloniki, Greece’s spirited city, recently unveiled “Vibing Thessaloniki,” a compelling video campaign. Aimed at younger generations, it’s a brilliant showcase of the city’s culinary delights, architectural marvels, and inviting waterfront. 

Collaboratively launched by Marketing Greece, AEGEAN, and the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization, this campaign utilizes digital storytelling to depict the city’s diverse charm.

The Challenge

Thessaloniki faced the challenge of refreshing its image to appeal to younger, digitally-savvy travelers. The city needed to transcend its traditional tourist demographic and present its rich culture, gastronomy, and architecture in a relatable way. 

The task was to rebrand Thessaloniki not just as a historic destination but as a vibrant, modern city break choice, thereby aligning with the preferences and consumption habits of a younger audience.

The Travel Marketing School Takeaway

The Wow Factor – This campaign shines in its ability to vividly portray the city’s essence through engaging content. The focus on street food, architecture, and the waterfront captures Thessaloniki’s vibrancy and diversity, making it relatable and enticing to younger tourists.

The Channels – Embracing digital platforms, especially social media, was a strategic move. By leveraging TikTok and Instagram reels, the campaign effectively reached its target demographic, where they spend most of their time – online. This approach signifies the importance of choosing the right channels for your audience.

Measuring Success – Measuring Success: The campaign’s digital footprint is impressive: 11 social media posts reached 1,757,848 users, and 21 Instagram stories gathered 848,325 views. Additionally, TikTok and YouTube views totaled 1,849,300 and 760,185, respectively. However, it’s crucial to tie these impressive figures to real-world metrics such as increased inquiries, bookings, or visits. Monitoring the conversion of digital engagement into tangible travel interest is key to evaluating the true success of the campaign.

DIY – Do It Yourself

Engage with Local Sites

Highlight local markets or surprising architecture in your area through short, engaging videos or photo stories on social media. This approach helps to create a connection that goes beyond the preconceived notions of your destination by showing off what’s near you. For example, in Paris, instead of just highlighting the Eiffel Tour, a tour operator could post a video series featuring the small, secret passages that’s off the typical tourist path.

Adopt Trending Styles or Video Formats

Utilize popular video formats and styles prevalent on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This keeps your content fresh and relatable to a younger audience. For instance, you could create a short, fast-paced montage of ‘A Day in [Your City]’ using a trending music track, highlighting key attractions and experiences. 

Focus on Micro-Influencers

Partner with local influencers or guests with a modest but engaged following to showcase your offerings in a genuine and relatable way. This strategy can be more cost-effective than major influencer campaigns while still reaching a dedicated audience, and can be particularly useful for domestic and regional promotion. For example, collaborate with a food blogger who specializes in unearthing hidden restaurants to showcase your city’s culinary secrets.

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