The Challenge

Yas Island sought to elevate its entertainment image with a fresh Chief Island Officer, Jason Momoa, after Kevin Hart’s departure. The challenge was to captivate audiences, spotlight attractions, and reposition Yas Island as a must-visit global entertainment destination.

The Travel Marketing Takeaway

Emotionally engaging content featuring a charismatic personality, Momoa, resonates deeply. Create a sense of anticipation, curiosity, and relatability by showcasing celebrity interactions with attractions. The campaign taps into experiential awareness, evoking the desire to ‘live it up’ and be part of the larger-than-life adventure.

MIY – Market It Yourself

For tour operators or hotels, collaborate with local influencers or personalities to showcase nearby attractions.

Create engaging content that highlights their experiences, encouraging potential visitors to envision themselves enjoying the destination’s offerings. Leverage user-generated content to build authenticity and engagement.

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