Tourism Australia’s latest travel marketing campaign has taken the world by storm, inviting globetrotters to experience the beauty and warmth of the Land Down Under. At the forefront of this captivating campaign is Ruby, the charismatic souvenir Kangaroo, embodied by the talented actress and global ambassador for Tourism Australia, Rose Byrne. In a spirited exploration of the Australian landscape and its renowned hospitality, Ruby beckons travelers from all corners of the globe to join her on an unforgettable adventure. 

Campaign Breakdown

“Come and Say G’day” stands as Tourism Australia’s latest venture within the “There’s Nothing Like Australia” global brand platform.

Designed as a response to the limitations on travel over the past couple of years, the campaign radiates with exuberance and creativity, extending a distinctively Australian invitation to the world.

This multi-faceted campaign introduces two endearing CGI animated characters: Ruby, the charismatic souvenir kangaroo, whose voice is lent by acclaimed Australian actress Rose Byrne, and Louie, a whimsical toy unicorn, symbolizing international travelers, voiced by the talented actor Will Arnett.

Wow Factors

At the heart of this campaign lies the captivating “G’day,” a live-action short film that unravels Ruby’s backstory.

Ruby, originally a souvenir shop kangaroo, transforms into an animated ambassador, becoming a versatile and engaging figure across various platforms. This unique blend of animation and live action bridges the gap between the tangible and the imaginative, captivating audiences with compelling storytelling and remarkable visuals.

Key Strategies

Tourism Australia deliberately harnessed the power of Ruby as an animated character to break through the clutter of international destination marketing. The campaign strategically features iconic Australian landmarks, invoking familiarity and evoking cherished memories associated with the destination. Moreover, “G’day” celebrates Australia’s rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures through talent, music, and landscapes, while also sharing multiple Indigenous Australian languages.

Results and Impact

By leveraging the globally recognized symbol of the Australian kangaroo, the campaign builds a captivating narrative around it. The nine-minute short film, which has already garnered a staggering 19 million views, effectively cuts through marketing noise, enchanting audiences of diverse backgrounds. Through the endearing personalities of Ruby and Louie, the campaign warmly extends the renowned Aussie hospitality while also providing an outsider’s perspective through Louie the Unicorn. This tandem adventure cultivates a unique connection and resonates with viewers, fostering an emotional tie to Australia’s offerings. As the campaign continues to captivate hearts and minds, it exemplifies how innovative storytelling and the power of relatable characters can elevate destination marketing to new heights.

How Australia Won The 2023 Women’s World Cup Win… With Travel Marketing

In a nod to Ruby’s stellar debut, this 2023 update features a football-themed recap of Australia’s vacation highlights. Fun wordplay mixes in with great visuals for a great continuation of the original campaign.

While Australia may not have won, they did score one goal after the final time ended in their match against England. Check out this update geared toward the UK travel audience.

Actionable Insights for Tour Operators

Derived from the insightful analysis of the “Come and Say G’day” campaign, tour operators can glean valuable strategies to enhance their marketing efforts and elevate customer engagement on a local level:

  1. Embrace Characterful Ambassadors – Just as Ruby the kangaroo captured hearts globally, local tour operators can introduce relatable mascots or characters that embody the spirit of their region. For instance, a mountain town could feature a friendly mountain goat as their mascot, weaving its persona into marketing materials. This character-driven approach establishes an emotional connection and lingers in travelers’ minds, making the destination memorable and inviting.
  1. Interactive Journey Maps – Drawing inspiration from the captivating visual storytelling in “G’day,” tour operators can create interactive journey maps. These maps could use animations or video snippets to guide potential travelers through the highlights of their offered experiences. For instance, a cultural tour could showcase snippets of local performances, engaging viewers and kindling their curiosity to explore further.
  1. Localized User-Generated Content Campaigns – Local tour operators can harness the power of user-generated content by encouraging travelers to share their unique experiences online. To tailor this strategy, a seaside resort could run a contest inviting visitors to share their best sunset photos taken during their stay. Sharing these moments not only builds authenticity but also offers a platform for travelers to connect over shared experiences, boosting the destination’s appeal.

Next Steps

From their original campaign to the fun World Cup follow-up, “Come and Say G’Day” is a great travel marketing reminder to use the resources you have. Even as the Australian team would go on to lose to England before the final, that loss was still a cheeky talking point in their latest print and digital ads.

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