The Campaign: Who and What

Giver Viaggi, in partnership with VisitNorway, introduces ‘Aurora Home, Aurora Emotions, Aurora Landscape, Aurora Sky’ campaign. A captivating portrayal of the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis, emphasizing its unrepeatable allure and inviting live experiences.

The Challenge

Giver Viaggi’s challenge lies in transforming TV mini-series’ visual and verbal codes into an evocative campaign, coaxing travelers to perceive the Aurora Borealis as a live phenomenon that transcends screens.

The Travel Marketing Takeaway

Emotionally resonant storytelling bridges the screen-to-reality gap. Craft campaigns around unique experiences, tapping into universal fascination. Amplify the visual and sensory impact, urging audiences to partake in the authentic adventure.

MIY – Market It Yourself

For minimal cost, leverage user-generated content. Encourage guests to share Aurora experiences with branded hashtags. Create social media contests, offering incentives for the most enchanting posts. Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

More Travel Marketing

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