This campaign by Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans showcases the city’s culture, music, and cuisine. Through a captivating video, they intertwine the hotel’s offerings with the city’s vibe, giving tourists a taste of the destination.

The Challenge

The challenge here is to differentiate from repetitive destination-focused ads. Four Seasons aims to present New Orleans uniquely, connecting their hotel’s features to the broader experience, and attracting a more engaged audience.

The Travel Marketing Takeaway

Emotional Appeal: Evoking emotions tied to the destination enhances engagement. Four Seasons showcases the soul of New Orleans, inspiring viewers’ curiosity and wanderlust.

Awareness Level: Raising awareness by associating the hotel with city highlights boosts recognition and drives interest among potential guests.

Principles: Integrate destination culture into your brand narrative. Create a compelling story that resonates with the city’s identity, engaging travelers on a deeper level.

MIY – Market It Yourself

Don’t have the Four Seasons’ budget? You don’t need it! To take inspiration from this campaign, find a way to introduce something well-known from your city or country. Then add your flavor to it.

You could take a page from Four Seasons’ book and collaborate with local artists and musicians to create short videos that capture the essence of your location. Focus on showcasing what makes the destination special, then finish the video or article by weaving in your business as part of the experience.

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