The Campaign: Who and What

The “OutHorse Your Email” campaign by Inspired by Iceland is a unique initiative that encourages travelers to disconnect from work emails while on vacation. 

Using Icelandic horses to respond to emails, this campaign aimed to help people truly enjoy their trips without work distractions. 

The campaign was created by ad agencies M&C Saatchi, Peel Iceland, and SS+K for Business Iceland.

The Challenge: Shifting Work-Life Boundaries

The challenge addressed by the campaign was the increasing blending of work and personal life due to remote work, leading to travelers feeling obligated to check and respond to work emails during vacations. 

The goal was to break this cycle and create a memorable experience where travelers could disconnect and enjoy Iceland’s natural beauty.

The Travel Marketing Takeaway: Emotional Appeal and Unique Experience

This campaign brilliantly taps into the emotional appeal of escaping the pressures of work and immersing oneself in a unique travel experience. 

By using Icelandic horses to compose out-of-office replies, the campaign connects Iceland’s natural resources (horses) with the travel experience. Travel marketers can learn to evoke emotions by associating their destinations with distinctive experiences that offer a break from routine.

The “OutHorse Your Email” campaign exemplifies how travel marketing can leverage emotional appeals and unique experiences to address real challenges faced by travelers. 

By associating natural resources with travel, marketers can create lasting impressions. Implementing personalized touches in communication is a cost-effective strategy to enhance guest experiences. 

MIY (Market It Yourself): Having A Laugh With Local Wildlife 

Curious to infuse a bit of Iceland’s humor into your own travel marketing? 

Try craft an email series that introduces subscribers to the wildlife unique to your destination. 

Share tales of encounters with native creatures, showcase breathtaking photos, and weave in interesting facts. 

Just like the horses, highlight a few in particular (and use their names!) to help your audience feel connected. 

By tapping into the allure of local wildlife, you can create an email journey that’s unique to your destination that sparks curiosity.

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